2021 SRIA Summit

The 5th SRIA summit was held in Beijing during the 2021 Spring Meetings of International Finance Forum (IFF) on May 30, 2021. Edmund Ho Hau-wah, Vice Chairman of CPPCC National Committee, delivered a welcome speech. The International Finance Forum (IFF) announced the release of IFF China Report 2021 (the "Report"), sharing insights on world governance and global cooperation opportunities in the context of COVID-19 and beyond. The Report indicated that COVID-19 had caused significant disruption to the world economy. To tackle the issue, a shift of focus to "green recovery" is the key, noted Han Seungsoo, Co-Chairman of IFF, Chairman of SRIA. 

Guests and experts from home and abroad also participated a sub-session entitled “Infrastructure and Free Trade”, in which they discussed about impact of infrastructure connectivity on promoting global free trade, global cooperation, the Belt and Road Initiative and regional cooperation.