In the vision of "New Silk Road, New Development, New Structure", the SRIA is committed to grow into an international think tank and multilateral dialogue channel with a strategic vision. Through in-depth exchange, cooperation and coordinated efforts, parties of the network can enhance mutual trust, eliminate skepticism and form consensus. Better understanding and promoting the Silk Road Spirit, i.e. "peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit", will help us reaching the consensus of "open, inclusive, mutual benefit and winwin",building an effective cooperation and dialogue mechanism for the Belt and Road,and reshaping the Silk Road civilization!

    As a common vision of multiple parties, by bringing together the future elites, aggregating emerging wisdom, and gathering the backbone force, it is foreseeable that the establishment of SRIA will contribute to the Belt and Road strategy and global economic growth in the new era.


    · Implementing the Belt and Road Initiative
    · Building Silk Road diplomacy and co-operation mechanism with civil society
    · Reducing political, religious and legal risks
    · Diversifying international co-operation
    · Developing market-oriented investment and financing services worldwide
    · Building BRI with the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits
    · Leveraging SRIA resources to serve members


    · Forming SRIA Global Committee, leveraging personnel and think-tank resources at home and abroad;
    · Establishing a regular multilateral mechanism for dialogue, mutual visits, cooperation and research among BRI countries;
    · Hosting SRIA Summit in Belt and Road node cities on a regular basis;
    · Establishing cooperation and dialogue mechanisms between private capital and enterprises;
    · Building industry-finance cooperation and innovation park in Belt and Road major cities;
    · Jointly establishing the SRIA Fund (international and domestic) and financing and investment cooperation institutions;
    · Leveraging resources of Belt and Road node cities to construct the Silk Road financial cooperation demonstration zone.