The Silk Road International Association Institute (SRIA Institute) is a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary institution for training, research and strategic consultation,and an international think-tank operated under SRIA's direct instructions.

    The SRIA Institute consists of renowned policy experts and scholars from key BRI countries to provide strategic and intellectual supports for its members to achieve shared growth through discussion and collaboration.

    Leveraging IFF and SRIA's resources, the SRIA Institute will form a mechanism for dialogues, personnel exchanges, and joint researches among BRI countries and regions. The SRIA Institute provides the SRIA Fund and its members with academic research on dynamics and public opinion and consultation on policies and strategies. Based on the above, in co-operation with domestic and overseas universities, joint programmes will be established to provide world-class advanced courses and professional trainings for senior executives from BRI countries.

    The main functions of the SRIA Institute include:
    1) Proposing the themes and topics of the annual meetings based on the research and analysis of the Belt and Road construction and development;
    2) Drafting and publishing forecasts related to SRIA's development;
    3) Providing intellectual resources for SRIA's annual meetings, seminars and other events;
    4) Setting up working networks and information exchange centers covering countries along the Belt and Road route;
    5) Carrying out academic research, consultation, editing and publishing supported by the IFF Academic Committee; 
    6) Managing the SRIA post-doctoral research station.